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Omega Constellation Replica Dial Reference 116660 Blue Faced Model Commemorates James Cameron’s Trip to the Bottom of the Earth

Rolex unveiled a brand new watch in August, and it was dedicated to James Cameron, an explorer and director, as opposed to its usual practice. Cameron was the first person to reach the bottom of the Mariana Trench, the Pacific Ocean's deepest point. This commemorative Rolex is adorned with a blue dial,Replica Omega Constellation which evokes the experience. The dial gradually changes from blue to darker and deeper shades as it reaches the lower part. This symbolizes the plunge to the "bottom of the Earth". The watch's design is almost identical to the Reference 116660 model, which was launched in 2009 with a black face. The watch retains the same in-house caliber, which is housed in a very robust case that allows it to be waterproof up to 12,800 feet (3.900 meters). Only one difference exists between the original model and the one that was made five years ago. The "Deepsea” inscription has been moved up to match the color of Jim Cameron's submersible.

It's no surprise that Rolex is launching a new model, as they were heavily involved in Cameron's expedition since the beginning two years ago. The watchmaker with the crown logo created a special Deepsea Challenge watchpiece to commemorate the occasion. It was designed to withstand the submersible's force of nearly 36,000 feet. The special Rolex was installed on the outside of the vessel, which functioned perfectly during and after the plunge. Although the special model was three times stronger than the Deepsea Reference116660 model,Richard Mille RM 011 Replica its basic construction is the same. It was 44mm wider than the Deepsea Watch, so it could withstand higher pressures.

This model was however made for the mission and was not available for sale, unlike Deepsea which it was based on.

It is obvious that Deepsea's "lower" water resistance, which measures at 12,800 feet (3.900 meters), is extremely extreme. This is more than any human could possibly withstand. The watch's ability of being submerged so deep is what allows it to withstand three tons. This is similar to if a Hummer was parked on it. Rolex used a few tricks to make its watch as strong as possible.

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